Banking & Credit Card Fees

We represent clients in a wide variety of matters pertaining to illegal bank fees and charges, including:

  • Assessment of Illegal / Improper Interest or Fees
  • Authorization Holds Reflecting Inaccurate Balances
  • Banking Fee Violations
  • Courtesy Pay Deceptive Practices
  • Deceptive Overdraft Policies
  • Delaying the Processing of Deposits
  • Excessive Credit Card Interest
  • Excessive Credit Card Usage Fees
  • Excessive Interest Charges on Payday Loans
  • Excessive Late Fees
  • Hidden Banking Charges
  • Hidden Credit Card Fees
  • Hidden Interest Rate Adjustments
  • Hidden Payday Loan Fees
  • Illegal Overdraft Fees
  • Irregular Deposits
  • Overdraft Fee Violations
  • Policies Resulting in Numerous Overdraft Fees
  • Posting Inaccurate Account Balances
  • Reordering Bank Transactions to Increase Overdraft Fees
  • Unauthorized Overdraft Protection

There are numerous ways in which banks and credit card companies take advantage of consumers, costing these innocent parties billions of dollars every year. Although Federal and State Legislators have taken measures in recent years to increase regulations for greater Consumer Protection, many institutions have found means to bypass these protections.

The Carter Law Firm can help you if you have been the victim of improper fees, excessive charges to your accounts, and hidden interest increases or fees. For additional information regarding any of these violations, please complete our Contact Us case evaluation form and a representative from our firm will contact you as soon as possible.