Six Reasons to Start The New Year With a New Job

With the start of a new year comes a clean slate to improve your personal and professional life. Review the helpful acronym “enough” to determine if a fresh start with a new company is right for you. Every Hour You … Continued

How to Get Your Boss to Take You Seriously

Knowing you are a working professional and being treated like a working professional are two drastically different things. Here are four ways to be taken seriously at work, while also creating a healthier office environment for all. Become a Leader … Continued

Five Steps to Expanding Your Law Practice Through Referrals

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There are many ways to increase your bottom line through traditional marketing, such as print and internet advertising, social media, and networking with other professionals. Yet there is also a relatively untapped, inexpensive and infinite source of additional revenue – … Continued

Diabetes Discrimination in the Workplace

More than 29 million Americans are living with diabetes, according to the CDC. When properly treated, this illness has virtually no impact on an individual’s ability to do a particular job; nonetheless, they are protected under the Americans with Disabilities … Continued