You Might Be Underpaid if you “Volunteer” or Are Required to do Extra Work During the Holidays

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The holiday season is a great time to be charitable. You may volunteer to aid in a cause or serve the less fortunate. But working at your job is not the time to be volunteering. At the workplace, the holidays … Continued

Are you working overtime during the holidays but not getting paid properly?

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Around the holiday season, employers commonly ask their workers to pick up shifts and work longer hours to accommodate the increased rush of shoppers. But some holiday workers are noticing that their pay isn’t also stepping up. If either of … Continued

More Actresses Shed Light On Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secret – Sexual Harassment

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It started with the Harvey Weinstein allegations, and now the rampant allegations of sexual harassment have snowballed over to politicians and prominent members of the media. NBC has just fired Today Show host, Matt Lauer, after receiving a complaint about … Continued

Kevin Spacey Allegations Show Sexual Harassment Comes in the Same-Sex Form Too

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After the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations, there has been a flood of new allegations against other Hollywood power players, both in front of and behind the camera. More women and men in Hollywood are finding the courage to publicly … Continued

How the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Has Inspired a Movement Against Sexual Harassment

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By now you’ve probably heard about the numerous sexual harassment allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein that have rocked Hollywood. It all started when the New York Times released the news detailing Weinstein’s alleged actions and naming Ashley Judd as one … Continued

How to Tell If You Are Being Underpaid

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Have you ever received a bonus at any time in the last four years from your employer? If so, you were probably getting underpaid for your overtime hours, and you may be due quite a bit of money.   If … Continued

When Should Interns Be Paid For Their Work?

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Internships are an essential stepping-stone for college students and recent graduates in many industries. Many superiors don’t realize that interns aren’t just students who perform unpaid work for the good of the company – and they treat them like entry-level … Continued

How to Recognize When You’re Not Being Adequately Compensated at Work

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There is no doubt that work gets hectic for most people every once in a while. However, if you rarely have the chance to eat a sandwich or you’re constantly working 50-hour weeks, it’s time to speak up. Your strong … Continued

Why PGA Tour Workers Deserve Compensation For Hours Worked

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“Volunteers” freely offer their time and efforts to perform a service. However, this does not give the organization free reign to overwork their employees and withhold meal breaks. If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps you’ve worked for one of … Continued

How the Banking and Loan Industries Violate Overtime, Break and Wage Laws

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Is it the millennial mindset, or is the business world welcoming this surging emergence of tech integration to bend employee connectivity well beyond the 8-hour workday? One online survey by Adobe found that 87 percent of American workers polled looked … Continued