American Banking: Are We Being Overwhelmed by Questionable Fees?

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For most of us, growing up with financial responsibility meant balancing the checkbook down to the penny after every transaction. But some people struggle to stay financially balanced with online purchasing and quick swiping of debit and credit cards at … Continued

Defective Products: What You Need to Know

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Every day, manufacturers attempt to make things bigger and bolder. We are learning that purchasing anything is more than a process – it’s an experience. But nothing ruins that experience quicker than when the product fails. Beyond the aggravation of … Continued

Are you a Kroger Employee Affected by the Equifax Data Breach?

                  Data breaches are common in today’s technological landscape. While employees expect that their private information, such as their social security numbers, addresses and pay records will be safe in the hands … Continued

4 Types of Class Action Lawsuits You Need To Know

While investigating a claim people often discover that other people have similar complaints about the same product or business. These cases can ultimately uncover tens of thousands of people with the same bad experience. That’s how a class action lawsuit … Continued

The Price is Wrong: Are You Falling Victim to Deceptive Pricing?

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  It’s safe to say; most people feel pretty good when they buy something that’s on sale. Saving money on a purchase frees up more money for saving, or for more purchases!   The savvy shopper typically believes they have the … Continued