When Can You Sue an Employer for Wrongful Termination?

There is never a good time to be fired from a job. It may be possible that you saw it coming – for example, if you were accused of performing below company expectations. But in some cases, termination can come … Continued

How to Identify Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

In the age of #MeToo, we as citizens must be more vigilant than ever to spot the signs of gender inequality and put it out of commission whenever possible. In places like a male-dominated workplace, that’s easier said than done. … Continued

You Might Have a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

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Discrimination During the Hiring Process

After graduating from college and ending a successful internship, Remy has been earnestly seeking a job at a large L.A. firm. Both of her screening calls went well, and her first in-person interview is today. Nervously, she opens the door … Continued

Men Are Victims of Gender Discrimination Too

Frequently, when people think about gender discrimination in the workplace, they have ideas of women being looked over for promotions or jobs because they are female. Much of the time, this is the case. Other times though, men are passed … Continued

Do You Believe You Were You Fired for Rejecting Sexual Advances or Were Subjected to Harassment?

In today’s corporate environment, Human Resources training will tell you to report sexual harassment.   Many fear doing so because they are afraid of being demoted, fired or disciplined. While it is illegal to fire someone in retaliation for making a … Continued

Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Claim?

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4 Types of Class Action Lawsuits You Need To Know

While investigating a claim people often discover that other people have similar complaints about the same product or business. These cases can ultimately uncover tens of thousands of people with the same bad experience. That’s how a class action lawsuit … Continued