How the Banking and Loan Industries Violate Overtime, Break and Wage Laws

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Is it the millennial mindset, or is the business world welcoming this surging emergence of tech integration to bend employee connectivity well beyond the 8-hour workday? One online survey by Adobe found that 87 percent of American workers polled looked … Continued

Were you denied overtime or missed break pay while working at PRMG?

  Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG), a leading lender in the mortgage industry, has been sued in a putative class action by an hourly employee and an underwriter for not providing them with meal breaks and rest periods, for failing … Continued

5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Job (But Should)

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Most people try to be conscientious employees. They show up for work on time, work full days, and do the job they were hired to do. But sometimes companies will terminate employees. Carter Law Firm, a top Newport Beach employment … Continued

On the Job Sexual Harassment And What You Can Do About it

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  Sexual harassment can turn a dream job into a nightmare in an instant. Where you once felt great about going to work, you now face great anxiety. You have the right to work without fear of being harassed by … Continued

Stopping Unwanted Calls: Are you the Victim of Telemarketing Violations?

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  Even with modern technology of caller ID, unwanted phone calls can be annoying. This is especially true when these calls are from telemarketers. But you don’t have to shut off your phone to make these calls stop. There are … Continued