How to Tell If You Are Being Underpaid

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Have you ever received a bonus at any time in the last four years from your employer? If so, you were probably getting underpaid for your overtime hours, and you may be due quite a bit of money.   If … Continued

When Should Interns Be Paid For Their Work?

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Internships are an essential stepping-stone for college students and recent graduates in many industries. Many superiors don’t realize that interns aren’t just students who perform unpaid work for the good of the company – and they treat them like entry-level … Continued

How to Recognize When You’re Not Being Adequately Compensated at Work

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There is no doubt that work gets hectic for most people every once in a while. However, if you rarely have the chance to eat a sandwich or you’re constantly working 50-hour weeks, it’s time to speak up. Your strong … Continued

Why PGA Tour Workers Deserve Compensation For Hours Worked

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“Volunteers” freely offer their time and efforts to perform a service. However, this does not give the organization free reign to overwork their employees and withhold meal breaks. If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps you’ve worked for one of … Continued

How Personal Trainers are Being Overworked and Underpaid by Fitness Chains

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Lots of pain, but very little gain—is this what you’re feeling as a personal trainer (PT) working at a fitness chain? You probably got into the field because you’re passionate about fitness and you want to help people find their … Continued

Were you denied overtime or missed break pay while working at PRMG?

  Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG), a leading lender in the mortgage industry, has been sued in a putative class action by an hourly employee and an underwriter for not providing them with meal breaks and rest periods, for failing … Continued

Should You File a Wage Claim?

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  When you work hard you expect to be paid the promised wage. Unfortunately, wage violations are common, often occurring company-wide at large corporations. If you’ve been wrongfully denied earned wages and your employer won’t budge, you may need to … Continued

Are IT Workers Ever Really Off the Clock?

  We hear so much these days about the lawsuits surrounding the classification of workers. Whether it’s with rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, or with strip clubs, the designation of contractors versus employees is a hotly contested topic as … Continued

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