Overtime Pay: What Are My Rights?

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Are you a paramedic, doctor, nurse, truck driver, or other exhausted essential employee that is working tirelessly on the frontlines? It is important to keep in mind that if your hours have increased past the legal standard workweek, you are … Continued

When Are Employers Required to Pay for Truck Drivers’ Time?

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As products fly off the shelves across the nation due to the recent precautions taken concerning COVID-19 (coronavirus), there has been a rise in the demand for shipping services and truck drivers. As a result, big rig drivers for larger … Continued

When Can You Sue an Employer for Wrongful Termination?

There is never a good time to be fired from a job. It may be possible that you saw it coming – for example, if you were accused of performing below company expectations. But in some cases, termination can come … Continued

California Ruling: Employers Required to Pay Workers if They Are Searched Before Leaving Jobsite

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In a landmark ruling by the California Supreme Court, a new precedent has been set for employment law regarding required searches of employees. The class-action lawsuit, which had been filed by a group of Apple employees, asserted that required searches … Continued

How to Identify Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

In the age of #MeToo, we as citizens must be more vigilant than ever to spot the signs of gender inequality and put it out of commission whenever possible. In places like a male-dominated workplace, that’s easier said than done. … Continued

Pay Stubs: How Can I Be Sure That My Employer Prepares Them Correctly?

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If you are employed and living in California, your employer is required to provide you with itemized pay stubs (either paper or online) for every pay period that you have worked. Many of us simply check the amount earned when … Continued

Harassment During Holiday Office Parties

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Just because you’re “off the clock,” doesn’t make it right for your coworkers to act inappropriately around you. If you have recently attended an office party and found yourself in an uncomfortable or inappropriate situation, then you may have a … Continued

Suitable Seating Law: My Job is Requiring Me to Stand All Shift

Are you working as a cashier this holiday season at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens, or other larger chain stores? Are you working as a barista at Starbucks, Peet’s, or Coffee Bean? Or maybe you work as a bank teller … Continued

Holiday Workers in the Beauty Industry: Are You Being Shorted on Pay and Breaks?

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Are you working at a beauty salon or makeup counter such as at Sephora, Ulta, Nordstroms or Bloomingdales over the holidays? If you are a freelancer employed by an outside company, or an independent contractor performing your job much like … Continued

Workers “On-Call” are Entitled to Compensation in California

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We all like to make extra money during the holidays.  For many millennials, this means a part time-shift at a retail store, often from Black Friday weekend all the way through the Christmas holiday.  However, some employers aren’t sure of … Continued