Commission Plan: Is it In Writing and Signed by Both You and Your Employer?

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If you work in a commission-based job, every role you have as part of the sale makes a difference. Sometimes commission-based jobs are simple – you earn a certain percentage for each sale you have converted. But there are times … Continued

You Don’t Have to Continue Working in an Unhealthy Workplace

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When we agree to work for a company, we expect that company to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.  Sadly, that is not always the case.  This is especially true for those who work in a warehouse setting.  Standing … Continued

Can I Recover Damages If I Am a Delivery Contractor?

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Immediacy is everything for consumers in today’s package delivery business. Consumers expect items they order to arrive right after hitting “request” or “purchase” on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.  Companies like Amazon boost their profits by meeting these feverish demands, … Continued

Can I Get Overtime Pay As a Truck Driver Who Crosses State Lines?

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Working as an interstate truck driver often means long days on the road. But what happens when the road trip extends beyond the eight-hour workday because of traffic, a mechanical problem, or any other reason? The Carter Law Firm, an … Continued

You Might Have a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Getting fired from your job can come as a big surprise. Your employer may have had a good reason to terminate your employment, such as poor performance or tardiness.  But sometimes the reason for your firing is less clear or … Continued

Home Health Aides: Are You Sure You’re Receiving Proper Compensation?

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If you’re a Home Health Aide, we appreciate the work you do. Taking proper care of your patients takes passion, immense attention to detail and hard work, and should be rewarded as such. For various reasons, Home Health Aides often … Continued

Mortgage Industry Taking Advantage of Employees by Withholding Proper Pay

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There’s quite a lot to juggle when you’re working in the mortgage industry. You’re meeting with applicants to retrieve and process their information for an application, answering applicant questions, analyzing their financial status, reviewing their credit history and the list … Continued

When Can I Sue My Employer For Wrongful Termination?

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Did your employment get terminated? How did it happen? Your former employer could have plotted to fire you without warning, or perhaps there was an incident that happened a while ago that led you to start counting down the days. … Continued

Overtime and Rest Break Violations Remain in the Banking Industry

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Whether you’re a mortgage officer or a bank teller, there’s no doubting that you’ve experienced long days and nights on the clock. When your laundry list of responsibilities include opening accounts, keeping a record of banking transactions and accounts, and … Continued

Salespeople: Your Compensation for Breaks Should be Separate from Commission

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There’s no doubt that breaks can be hard to come by in sales – especially when you are working on commission. When you’re constantly looking out for interested clients, delivering pitches, and following up with serious leads, there’s very little … Continued