Flight Attendants – Are You Getting Paid Fairly?

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If you’re a flight attendant, you know there is a long list of duties you have to perform that aren’t necessarily visible to the passengers.  The truth is, you don’t get enough credit for all that you do to ensure … Continued

Potential Wage and Hour Violations in California

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We all strive for a work-life balance, but depending on the demands of your job, that balance can get disrupted from time to time. Some days it can seem manageable, but there are those days where you are bringing work … Continued

Sexual Assault in the Television and Movie Industry

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The Golden Globes have kicked off the award season in Hollywood, and the tone in 2019 is far different than what we saw in 2018.   There was little mention of the scandal that has plagued the motion picture, television, and … Continued

Three Telltale Signs You Are Not Being Properly Compensated at Work

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Work life can be a lot like our personal lives – sometimes it’s pretty steady, while other times there is a lot to handle. But if that stressful period is never-ending at work, chances are you’re putting in a lot … Continued

Banking and Loan Industry Employees Require Overtime as Interest Rates Rise

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Do you feel like there is no such thing as a nine-to-five day? Does it seem like an eight-hour workday is ancient history? This is a feeling people working in the banking and loan industries often feel, where employees are … Continued