Overtime and Rest Break Violations Remain in the Banking Industry

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Whether you’re a mortgage officer or a bank teller, there’s no doubting that you’ve experienced long days and nights on the clock. When your laundry list of responsibilities include opening accounts, keeping a record of banking transactions and accounts, and … Continued

Salespeople: Your Compensation for Breaks Should be Separate from Commission

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There’s no doubt that breaks can be hard to come by in sales – especially when you are working on commission. When you’re constantly looking out for interested clients, delivering pitches, and following up with serious leads, there’s very little … Continued

Banking and Rest: Too Busy to Take a Break?

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If you’ve ever worked at a bank branch, you will likely have experienced the consistent stream of customers entering the facility.  While tellers stick to processing transactions like deposits and withdrawals, personal bankers work at their desks, fielding all other … Continued

Know Your Rights as a Timeshare Salesperson

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Sharon works throughout the day as clients are always coming and going, looking at timeshares, or keeping her stuck on the telephone or glued to her computer writing emails. She loves her job, but she feels like she can never … Continued

Oil Company Workers Are at Risk of Worker Fatigue Without Proper Rest

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Working for an oil company – at a refinery, on a rig, or elsewhere in the field – is a dangerous job. It takes being alert and rested to perform the job safely and well, which can be difficult when … Continued

Discrimination During the Hiring Process

After graduating from college and ending a successful internship, Remy has been earnestly seeking a job at a large L.A. firm. Both of her screening calls went well, and her first in-person interview is today. Nervously, she opens the door … Continued

Men Are Victims of Gender Discrimination Too

Frequently, when people think about gender discrimination in the workplace, they have ideas of women being looked over for promotions or jobs because they are female. Much of the time, this is the case. Other times though, men are passed … Continued

Do You Believe You Were You Fired for Rejecting Sexual Advances or Were Subjected to Harassment?

In today’s corporate environment, Human Resources training will tell you to report sexual harassment.   Many fear doing so because they are afraid of being demoted, fired or disciplined. While it is illegal to fire someone in retaliation for making a … Continued

Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Claim?

Getting fired isn’t a pleasant feeling. In fact, if you have had the unfortunate experience, you most likely had a mixture of emotions, ranging from anger to sadness. What if your frustration wasn’t misplaced? There are many instances where people … Continued

Paystub violations: Is your company taking illegal deductions from your check?

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For the most part, employees don’t examine the deductions that come out of their paychecks. These numbers are easy to gloss over it since they are mostly composed of taxes and insurance premiums. However, some deductions that are common on … Continued