Wage and Hour Violations

Wage Claims

Wage and hour violations are more commonplace than most people think. Sometimes wage fraud is committed by employers who are unfamiliar with the Fair Labor Standards Act laws and California laws. At other times wage and hour laws are intentionally ignored by unscrupulous employers taking advantage of employees who fear losing their jobs if they complain. There is no need to put up with abusive behavior. A skilled wage and hour attorney in Orange County can help put a stop to the illegal actions and fight for the Orange County wage benefits that you deserve. Do not be afraid to contact a wage and hour lawyer in Orange County about your wage dispute in Orange County.

Employers must pay minimum wage, and overtime pay may not be less than one and one-half times an employee's regular rate of pay after 40 hours of work in a workweek.

A common type of wage and hour violation that employees encounter centers around unpaid overtime. Federal and state laws spell out specific guidelines for overtime pay. Wage and hour attorneys in Orange County have filed lawsuits and claims on behalf of many people who have lost wages due to unpaid overtime, unpaid meal breaks, and working off the clock. In addition, lawsuits have been brought by wage and hour lawyers in Orange County for misclassification of non-exempt employees into exempt categories in order to not compensate them for overtime worked.

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