What’s in a Label?

consumer class action, class action, food label, mislabel, mislabeled, mislabeled productIt’s on the back of something as simple as a water bottle and as complex as the medication that can save your life: a label. This micro-printed section might not look like much, but it could turn your entire world upside down when the actual ingredients aren’t listed. Here are three reasons to read the fine print on all of your products and what to do when companies lead you astray.


The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act has been requiring companies to issue regulations and accurate labels on all “consumer commodities” since 1967. The federal safety measure means companies must list where a product was manufactured, what it contains, and who made it. When companies mislabel their products, whether intentionally or negligently, people’s lives are at risk. A quick glance at your product’s breakdown of information will keep companies honest and ultimately save lives.


Using your hard-earned money to buy products is a sign of trust that you’re getting what you’re paying for. When companies don’t accurately label their goods, they’re not only breaking the law they’re potentially shattering your faith in them. Mislabeled products are clear indications of deception and/or negligence; two things you never want associated with the companies you rely on.


Accurate labels give you the opportunity to directly compare similar products and buy the items with the best value. Comparing products not only saves the consumer money, it encourages companies to produce the best items possible. In an effort to out sell the competition, companies can be enticed to mislabel their product as something that’s “too good to be true,” but this tactic can end up costing them millions when their intentions are exposed.

If a company mislabels a product you use, you could have a consumer class action case. Know your rights and know who to call when companies mislead you. Carter Law Firm specializes in protecting consumers nationwide and has been successful in cases against some of the largest corporations. When you’re ready to learn your rights, contact us for a free consultation.

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