Why You Should Report Employer Violations

horrible boss, report horrible boss, report mean boss, sue mean boss, sue horrible boss, sue bad bossWhen employers are not up to par with legal requirements, they must be held accountable. Here are four reasons to stop hesitating and report your employer for any wrongdoing.

Personal Incentives

If you are going to spend years of your life in the workforce, you should endeavor to make that time as enjoyable as possible by working in a quality environment. If you believe your employer is not in compliance with applicable standards, review your employee handbook, address the situation and try to work together towards a solution. When the same issues persist, seek the legal advice of an expert employment attorney. Consultations are usually free and can open your eyes to the severity of the circumstances.

Overall Impact

You may not be alone in this employee/employer struggle. Unless your boss is specifically harassing you, there’s a good chance your coworkers are going through similar circumstances. Whether it’s a meeting with your company’s human resources department or a full-fledged lawsuit, these actions can be a catalyst for change.

Employer Accountability

The leaders of your company are arguably morally and potentially legally responsible for the welfare of their staff, and when they don’t take these roles seriously, they should be held accountable for their actions or omissions. Being the first to standup and spotlight an issue is never easy, but it could improve your office environment and the future culture of the company.

You’re Protected

Reporting the illegal actions of your employer can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t cost you your job. Under the Whistle Blower Act, you are protected from retaliation, which includes but isn’t limited to demoting, reducing pay, benefits or hours, harassment in the workplace, or termination. If you’ve suffered workplace retaliation for reporting illegal conduct, you should seek the legal advice of an expert employment attorney.

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