Wireless Employees and Retail Workers: Is Your Bonus Too Low?

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It’s great to work for a company that rewards its employees. Nothing is better during a work period than receiving a bonus from your company. It’s a wonderful feeling to be recognized, and the extra financial compensation certainly helps pay the bills or allows you to splurge on yourself! However, companies – especially those in the telecom sector — that provide bonuses are known to engage in many underhanded tactics to lessen the amount of bonuses they need to pay out. You might notice that your bonus is not as high as your co-workers, that your bonus does not include all of the sales that you made, or that it was calculated at an improper (too low) rate. Sometimes, companies even decline to pay earned bonuses to employees who have recently quit or been fired. This, again, is oftentimes illegal.

There are many reasons for this shady corporate behavior, such as your boss not liking you, or feeling pressure from higher ups to lower the bottom line and increase corporate profits. In any case, you shouldn’t look at a bonus as something “extra” – in reality it’s a form of wages that the company owes you, just like your regular pay.

Stand up for your rights, and allow us to go to bat for you recovering the full bonus owed to you by your employer. This includes all sorts of bonuses, like holiday or work anniversary bonuses as well as longevity bonuses (like annual bonuses), sales bonuses, team/store productivity bonuses, company-wide bonuses, and even commissions.

If you are a retail employee for a large wireless company, like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Metro PCS, or a cable provider like Spectrum or DIRECTV, we’ve noticed that these sorts of employers tend to be especially bad in paying the proper bonuses. We’d encourage you to contact us to evaluate your paychecks and make sure you were paid the proper bonus if you work for any of these kinds of employers. Even if you think you were properly paid, sometimes there are details in the pay records that show that you were undercompensated for your bonus!

For example, it’s quite technical, but if you received bonuses at all and also worked overtime, your overtime rate needs to be higher than it would normally. Almost no employers get this right, but we’ve litigated this issue against some of the biggest companies in America and obtained large payouts for employees who were not even aware that they were due anything. This is why it is important that you call us if you were a wireless or cable provider employee and you received bonuses. We may be able to find that money is owed to you even where it does not appear obvious.

If you’d like to find out more, you can reach out to Carter Law Firm confidentially. Our firm can help. You can also email us here!




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