Were You Wrongfully Terminated?


If an employer fires you for one of the following, you most likely have been a victim of wrongful termination:


• Discrimination Due to Age, Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Ethnicity, Disability or Veteran Status. Women Also Cannot Be Fired Because Of a Pregnancy, Which Would Fall Under Discrimination.

• Harassment from The Employer or Supervisor

• A Breach of Contract Since Most Contracts Will Have a Termination Clause or Section

• Retaliating Against an Employee that Reports Unethical or Illegal Behavior or Practices to Law Enforcement. Whistle Blower Laws Protect Employees.

• Punishing Employees for Taking Family Leave or Using Employee Benefits

• Defaming Employees

• Fraud

• Firing an Employee Who Took Time Off to Vote, Jury Duty or Military Duty


If you feel that have been wrongfully fired or laid off, give us a call to have your claim reviewed. Call us today or complete the form to the right to schedule a consultation. We will examine your claim and see if you have a case that we can bring to court. Let us fight for your rights.