You Don’t Have to Continue Working in an Unhealthy Workplace

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When we agree to work for a company, we expect that company to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.  Sadly, that is not always the case. 

This is especially true for those who work in a warehouse setting.  Standing all day, preparing orders, lifting, and moving boxes can be physically draining.  Now imagine doing this with no air conditioning and in extreme temperatures. This is a very real issue for many factory and warehouse workers in Riverside, San Bernardino, Fresno, Kern, Merced, and Los Angeles Counties, as well as in many other locations throughout the state.

In a recent example, Amazon encountered this problem in many of their fulfillment centers in Oregon, with the horrible conditions heightened during the busy “Amazon Prime Day”.  As Oregon Public Broadcasting reported, due to the high volume of orders, no air conditioning, and unbearable summer heat, the employees suffered nasty workplace conditions. 

“I would have sweat just dripping down from me because I was working so hard, and there was not any air conditioning,” one worker said. 

“There was no air conditioning. They had fans blowing. So in the winter it would be cold, and in the summer it would be hot,” another victimized worker shared. 

There Are Laws in Place to Protect Factory and Warehouse Workers in California

While your employer might not care about your working conditions, the government does. If you are living in California and believe you are working in extreme heat or cold at your workplace, you should familiarize yourself with Wage Order No. 4, section 15

  •  The temperature maintained in each work area shall provide reasonable comfort consistent with industry-wide standards for the nature of the process and the work performed.
  •  If excessive heat or humidity is created by the work process, the employer shall take all feasible means to reduce such excessive heat or humidity to a degree providing reasonable comfort. Where the nature of the employment requires a temperature of less than 60° F., a heated room shall be provided to which employees may retire for warmth, and such room shall be maintained at not less than 68°.

Did you sweat it out this summer on your job?  Were you freezing this winter at work?

If you and your coworkers feel like you have been working in these harmful conditions, you have every right to take legal action and should contact us for a free consultation.  

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